Worship at FPC

“The Zoom Bible Study is at 11:30 but feel free to join us up to 15 minutes beforehand if you would like to say hi and chat – Please email us at kgensel@fpcoh.org and we will send you the link.”

We record a Waumba Worship at 11:15 that is posted on Sunday afternoon on YouTube (and put a link to it on the website and our Facebook page) – Our live event is also a Zoom check in which happens on Tuesday at 5:15 for the time being – Email Daniel our director of family ministries at danielwilliams.camerica504@gmail.com and he will send you the link to zoom in.

Check out Facebook.com/fpcoh for all Waumba news and updates, including cool videos and other activities each week! “

At First Presbyterian, we take seriously the commitment to children and their families. And that commitment can be seen in everything we do, especially our new children’s ministry and family service at 10 AM, WaumbaLand. The morning begins with a 15 minute high energy inter generational worship time, where everyone, adults and kids, hears the Bible story of the day. Then the kids go to our magical WaumbaLand space where a team of gifted leaders leads them through engaging activities, usually including a picture book based on the story of the day that they color and then through the magic of lamination, we make into a story book that they can take home! While the kids are enjoying WaumbaLand, Kennedy, our pastor, leads the adults in an interactive Bible study based on the message at the 11 AM classic service. Everything ends around 10:45 AM.

That commitment continues also on Sunday morning, with professional childcare in our nursery right off our entrance lobby. The nursery opens at 10 AM to accommodate kids not yet ready for WaumbaLand, and continues through our Classic Worship at 11 AM. In addition we have designed that lobby so that parents with young children can see and hear the worship service while caring for their kids. Also that lobby has an area called the Pray ground where kids can draw or look at books if they get distracted during the 11 AM classic worship.

And at First Church, our ministries to children don’t stop there. In fact, we’ve centered our vision around seeing families transformed by the love of Jesus in Hollywood and beyond. It’s why thirty years ago, we started a preschool that has now expanded to serve children and families from infants to all the way through elementary. It’s why too we’ve partnered with our local elementary school and have developed a home for HIV kids in Haiti. And it’s why everyone who works in our programs with kids is thoroughly training and background checked.

We truly believe a church can be an extended family, a community where children can feel, as we put it in words we use at baptism, bathed in a sanctuary of belonging. At First Presbyterian, your children will feel welcome and included as part of a warm and diverse family of faith that truly cares for them.

At First Presbyterian Church, we have three weekly gatherings each Sunday for worship, our Morning Glory worship at 8:30 AM, our children’s ministry and family service at 10 AM, WaumbaLand, and our 11 AM, Classic Worship.

At 8:30 AM, Morning Glory worship meets in our chapel right off the patio adjacent to the main sanctuary. It’s a simple service complete with the message of the day in a relaxed and informal setting perfect for the early riser or someone looking for a more intimate, small group worship experience.

At WaumbaLand worship at 10 AM, we begin with high energy songs designed especially for kids, but adults love them too, followed by an interactive Bible study with our pastor, Kennedy based on the 11 AM message of the day, while the kids go to our children’s ministry space, WaumbaLand. The 11 AM worship has a vibrant yet traditional feel. And frequently after our gatherings we feast together as a community through events such as our Multi-cultural Food Fair; Souper Bowl Sunday; Pumpkin Sunday; and the list could go on.

Come by and join us on a Sunday. You will experience a warm welcome, moving worship, and a compelling message that will challenge and encourage you. In our worship gatherings, we welcome everyone from those who are already following Jesus to those who are simply spiritually curious. Wherever you come from, whatever your color or ethnicity, whether you live in a million dollar home or have no home at all, and no matter who you choose to love, at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, everyone has a place in God’s family. We would love you to find your place there too.

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