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June 29, 2020

Hey everyone, 

What a week it has been!   And on several fronts we are moving forward in exciting ways.   First, on Friday, we received the keys to our newest Learning Center facility at St. James in the Hills.  And Fatima and her team spent the weekend cleaning and preparing, and this week, we will start painting!   Attached you will find a schedule of all the things that we will be doing in the next two weeks to get ready for this new branch of our ministries.  And if you are available to help, we certainly could use it!    And even in these socially distanced ways, we can provide some ways for you to do this safely.    Here is a link to a form you can fill out online that our facilities chair, Bob Roddy created: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfI9Tqgzt4nsm6E4-vAwFsQV5sEjd9U9Khl8__LNH30ty0Qxw/viewform. It has places for you to volunteer not only at St. James but also right here on our church campus.   Bob has been doing some beautiful projects on the grounds, and if you’d like to be involved in that, he’d be delighted to have the help. Also, we’ve been doing some painting and beautifying in other parts of the sanctuary, and you can volunteer to help out there as well.  All you need to do is fill out the form and hit submit, and Bob will take it from there!  

And here on the campus, we are moving forward too!   Doug Cady and his team have come up with a solution to get our AC system back up and running at full force that will cost us less than $10,000.00, which is far better than the almost $19,000.00 price tag that we were looking at. Alas, it will take them five weeks to schedule the work, but it is definitely progress!   And thanks to Bob Roddy and Steven Silvestro who took the lead in getting this accomplished, and to the many of you who made special gifts to our major repairs fund that will be a huge help in getting this work done.   In the meantime, we will continue to be open for physical worship for our “studio audience” on Fridays at around 10:45ish when we start recording, and we are starting to stream it too so you could watch it live on Friday too from the comfort of your home!   And this Sunday, we will do our first Prayer on the Patio. I will keep this short – around 30 minutes or so, including communion and it, will serve mainly as an opportunity for folks to be together in a safe and socially- distanced way.   And while you are seated, you don’t need a mask, as we will be outside; but if you get up, you will need to be masked, and with social distancing, we can accommodate maybe 25 or so folks throughout the patio. 

Also, our resident in the backyard, Marlene, might have a job opportunity at a local plant nursery, so please keep her in your prayers as she goes to interview tomorrow.  And if she gets it, we can use some of the GoFundMe monies to buy her a little scooter to get there! And yesterday, Dee Olive zoomed into our Sunday morning check-in and Bible study!   You never know who is going to show up there, and that’s part of what makes it fun!  

In other news, everyone connected to our church, school, and other ministries remains healthy and well for which we are so grateful.  And we want to keep it that way, so please stay safe, even as we return to some forms of physical worship together.  Whatever you feel is best and safest for you to do please do so.  We will continue to have the YouTube worship, and the Zoom Bible study, even as we add some opportunities for some in-person worship.  This virus has never been more prevalent in our county and state as it is now, and we all need to do our part to stay safe. So, please if you come to anything that is in person, please help us out by wearing your mask, and doing all the other precautions from wiping down the bathroom with the COVID wipes after you use it to sanitizing and washing your hands to respecting the six feet of social distance. 

And please know we remain here for you on the church staff.  Lynn and Bianca are here pretty much every day though Lynn will be taking some time off beginning this Thursday afternoon so she can go be with her family to celebrate her mom’s 97th birthday! Happy Birthday, Peg Anderson!!.   And each day, I will continue with the labyrinth walks – as it seems I still haven’t run out of things to say.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling the church office or me directly at 954-257-6751.  You can also reach me at kennedym@fpcoh.org or via What’s App or Facebook messenger.   And please as God enables you financially to remember us with your gifts.  You can always mail them in or simple click on this link: https://tithe.ly/give?c=1447307 to give online.  

And thank you for all the ways in which you are being the church, and living out the love of God with each other, and with your neighbors and friends.   Even in these days, we can find ways to share the wondrous news that in Jesus, everyone is invited, welcomed, and loved! Stay safe, be blessed, and remember God loves you no matter what! 

Grace, peace and good health, 


Your Pastor and Friend

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