The Westminster Choir

Whoever sings prays twice
St. Augustine

From the very beginning, music has been at the center of Christian faith. It even lies at the center of the Christian Bible, with the place of Psalms right there in the middle. And it has a central place too, in the life of First Presbyterian. Each week, a dedicated group of singers gather with our talented music director, Dr. Robert Remek, to practice powerful and inspiring pieces of music to share with the congregation, and to prepare to effectively lead the various musical pieces we use at each worship gathering. In that work, they laugh and share together, and find with each other, powerful bonds of community that make this group of volunteer singers, one of our church’s most resilient and effective small groups.

If you want to grow your own singing gifts, and also find a place where you can share together not only the joy of music but simply the joy of community, then the Westminster Choir of First Presbyterian is calling you! Come out one Thursday evening at 5:15 PM to join in a rehearsal or drop an email to Robert at to find out more information. Come join with our voices, and as we make a joyful and melodious noise to the Lord!

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