The return to physical worship plan for First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood


The return will fully occur when Broward County moves to Phase 3 in the re-opening process, and groups of 50 and under are permitted to gather. At that point, in consultation with the Presbytery, the Session will set a date for resuming in-person worship. Those who find themselves in a vulnerable population (over 60 or with a health condition with particularly dangerous interactions with the virus) should think carefully about attending and know that virtual worship through YouTube will still be available.

PREPARATION OF SPACE: Each Saturday, the fan will be run for 24 hours prior to circulate and filter the air in the sanctuary. The sanctuary will be cleaned with CDC certified products, with particular attention to the top of pews and any other surface likely to be touched prior to each worship gathering.


  • Masks will be required of all attendees. (The worship leaders will remain unmasked but can go no further than the baptismal font and will leave through the back immediately upon the end of worship after which they will put on masks. The front pews will be blocked to reduce any possibility of virus transmission from those leading worship.)
  • All attendees will only be seated in previously marked social distancing places in the pews and will be escorted to that seating by ushers.
  • Only the front doors will be opened, and they will remain open for 15 minutes after the beginning of worship and opened by ushers immediately before worship ends along with two doors to the patio area. All other doors, including bathroom doors, will remain open during worship to reduce any possibility of virus transmission on surfaces.
  • Cleaning wipes will be provided for those who need to use the restroom, and those using the bathroom will be asked to use them to wipe down all surfaces they touch prior to leaving.
  • Attendees will be asked to print their bulletins and bring them, to avoid virus transmission. No bulletins will be available at the in-person worship. In-Person Attendees will have their attendance recorded along with a request for contact information (if we do not have it) in case it is needed for contact tracing.
  • During the Passing of the Peace, people will be asked to great each other in a socially distanced way. No offering will be taken. People can give electronically or place their offerings in an offering plate located on a table in the back.
  • After the close of worship, you will be dismissed by the ushers in sections in order to maintain social distancing.
  • There will be no coffee or food served after worship though people can feel free to gather masked and socially distanced on the patio after worship.
  • At this point, there will be no children’s ministries or nursery care available.
  • On Sundays when Communion is served, it will be shared through individually wrapped packets that will be distributed in an appropriately socially distanced way (possibly set in the pews or on a table near the entrance).

THESE GUIDELINES WILL APPLY TO ALL GROUPS USING THE SANCTUARY BUILDING SO WE CAN ENSURE A SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL. The leadership of the church will review these guidelines and make adjustments as needed based on the advice and guidance of public health officials as conditions either improve or not.

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