Take-Away information sheet to access worship,online social media and etc.


A hard copy of the worship bulletin is available on our website: fpcoh.org
Go to “Worship;” click on “Sermon & Worship;” on right side of screen click on “download this week’s church bulletin.”

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Facebook Live! — Broadcast at Noon, each Monday through Friday

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Pastor Kennedy: kennedym@fpcoh.org   954-257-6751
Church office: 954-923-8209
(Call-forwarding will be on if Lynn is working from home.)

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To keep up-to-date on changes to the schedule, check out:website: fpcoh.org
Facebook: facebook.com/fpcoh
WaumbaLand:  text waumba  555888 Learning Centers -Follow us on Twitter @LearningCntrs

Learning Center — Ms. Fatima: fmarin@fpcoh.org   954-922-8558
Early Learning Center — Ms. Jacqui: jcarbonell@fpcoh.org  954-929-8233

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 Each Sunday morning at 11 AM, Pastor Kennedy’s
Zoom meeting Bible study and prayer time.
And if they ask for a password, it will always be – Invited.(Since Zoom might feel a little intimidating, included is a link with a brief and super helpful video that will tell you all you need to know about joining a zoom meeting:

 – if you watch this, you’ll be Zoom ready.As the narrator of the video explains, Zoom is a great way to stay connected in thesedays of Covid 19. Take the Zoom plunge and join us!

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Donations in support of the ministries of First Presbyterian Churchmay be made on-line through our website: FPCOHSimply click on and through this link to give directly to the church.  https://tithe.ly/give?c=1447307You may also mail a check toFirst Presbyterian Church, 1530 Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33020

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