Hollywood CARES

Over ten years ago, through an amazing series of events that showed clearly God’s hand moving, our church teamed up with a local synagogue, Temple Beth El, and together began a partnership with, CMI, a Haitian organization run by a Pentecostal pastor, John Dieubon, to develop a small house orphanage for HIV kids in the area of Port Au Prince. This home became part of a network of homes called Project Papillon that are run by CMI. Since that time, God has done amazing things in this partnership that has now becomes its own non-profit organization, Hollywood CARES (Caribbean Aids Relief, Education and Service). Through our own fund-raising and national grants, we have helped our partner, CMI, develop a thriving community center, a school, and are now working to provide scholarships as some of our kids prepare for college. But beyond these accomplishments, we have seen how this work has changed lives, both the lives of the children we serve (many of whom might have died without this mission), and the lives of the many folks who have visited Haiti to see the mission, and work with our partners there. Everyone who has gone to Haiti on one of our many trips there has returned profoundly changed, and many have returned year after year to see the work move forward.

We generally take two trips to Haiti each year, one in January, and one over the summer, and the Hollywood CARES board meets regularly to oversee the work. If you would like more information on this very special partnership, you can contact the current President of Hollywood CARES, Sharon Tanenhaus at daniasha@aol.com or just contact, Kennedy our pastor at Kennedym@fpcoh.org for more information. We’d love for you to check this out, and experience the deeply rewarding joy that God has given all of us who have worked with these amazing kids in the challenging and extraordinary nation that is Haiti.

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