Strangely enough, that Starbucks cup on this page says a lot about how we do youth ministry at First Presbyterian. In this ministry, we focus on just being with the youth of our community listening to them, praying with them, and sharing with them the unconditional love of Jesus for them. To do that, we find it best to meet away from the campus, and that means we usually end up at a Starbucks, sharing our recent high and low points, talking about how God has been working in our lives, and praying for the particular needs that each of us are facing in the coming weeks. In those moments over a beverage in the hustle and bustle of the café, God works again and again strengthening faith and helping folks explore faith for the first time. And by the way, if you are wondering what FICHU HOYOS means, it is just our shortened version of First Church, Hollywood Youth. It’s our fun little shorthand for the community we are building together.

So to experience youth ministry at First Presbyterian, join us at 5 PM every other Sunday at Starbucks on Young Circle. And if you want to know when that next Sunday will be, just e-mail Kennedy at or text him at 954-257- 6751. We’d love to have you join us!

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