Cub Pack 420

Cub Scouts Pack 420 is proud to be sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Cub Scouting is for boys from first through fifth grade; older boys join Troop 420. Our pack is organized into smaller groups known as dens based on age and grade, from Tigers to Arrow of Light. Each den has anywhere from four to ten boys. We encourage parents to be actively involved and are always looking for volunteers. Families, not boys, join Scouting!

We meet on Tuesdays at the Hollywood Central Elementary School cafeteria, 1700 Monroe Street, starting at 6:30 PM, ending around 8:00 PM. Dens meet twice a month on Tuesdays and may also schedule den-specific events another day each month. The entire pack meets once a month as well, and we have pack-wide camping trips and day trips throughout the year. When the pack meeting falls close to a holiday we normally turn that meeting into a holiday party, such as our annual Halloween Party.

Our overarching goal is “fun with a purpose.” We work on values like honesty, respect, cooperation, and good citizenship through hands-on and interactive experiences. Our boys spend a lot of their day sitting at a desk; we want our meetings to be active and participatory.

Our boys have worked with wood tools, created a flag for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, visited a fire station, built mini-catapults, played ultimate Frisbee, and crafted a tetrahedral kite, learned knife skills, and went to a nature center that takes care of injured animals. Through those activities we encourage teamwork, leadership, respect, and fair play.

As a pack we also attend Scouting jamborees, decorate veterans’ graves on Veterans’ Day, march in the Hollywood St. Patrick’s Day parade, and race cars in our annual Pinewood Derby.

We also camp a lot, from the Everglades to Jonathan Dickinson State Park and beyond. On our trips we have kayaked, fished, hiked, shot bb-guns and bows and arrows, and of course made s’mores and sang songs around the campfire. We have a great group of involved parents. Our pack has families from all walks of life and kids with all levels of physical and mental abilities. We do our best to raise well-rounded, caring, respectful young men who are adventurous and fun-loving. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our pack!

Alex Vizcaino

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