Barbecue and Beer

Barbecue and beers returns on Saturday, June 10th with a demolition party at the education building. We are continuing our renovation of the area that will be the apartment and offices for our new family ministries director.      And in preparation for the painting, new baseboards and other work for the office area, we need you to come out and rip out old carpet and baseboard, sledgehammer and disassemble old furniture, and do general clean-up of this area. If you want to get out some latent aggression, you will have plenty of things to smash. And once we’re done with that, if time allows we may do a little spackling of holes and other such things, but the main focus will be the joy of a little demolition (sorry, no walls to smash out just lots of furniture).

So here’s the deal. We’ll start smashing around 10 AM. We are asking Gustavo, our church handyman to come out and help supervise the smashing, and spackling. I will arrive with my sidekick, Patrick in tow, around 10:30 AM, after his swim lesson, so please feel free to come any time between 10 and noon to help out, and bring your little sidekick too. (We can always set them up in the aftercare rooms right next door to the smashing area.) At noon, we’ll break for barbecue and beers, and other libations.

If you want to cook let me know, and we’ll set you up in the church kitchen. And if you cook, we’ll be glad to buy the meat and whatever else you need to do the job.  And if you want to bring any other food, just let us know that too so we don’t overbuy.  And for this event, you can also take a walk on the education building’s roof, check out the newly renovated apartment that you might not have realized was even there, and shoot the breeze about what’s going on with this new position of family ministries director that we’ll be adding this summer.

It’s going to be a blast. I’ll look for some summer beers to sample, along with soda and water, and you can bring whatever other beverages you wish to share. So come out for some wicked barbecue, terrific drinks, and a generally good time to hang with other men. And as always, please feel free to forward this e-mail far and wide and share with whoever you wish. The more the merrier! And just let me know if you are attending, and anyone you are bringing so we make sure there is meat and drink for all!

I hope to see you there!

Kennedy McGowan
A guy who loves barbecue and beer

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