Annual Events

At First Presbyterian, we have all sorts of special events to celebrate and have fun, even as we move forward the mission of living out the love of Jesus to our neighbors in Hollywood and beyond.

If we had a page for every such event, we would need a much bigger website! From Hanging of the Greens at Christmas (pictured on this page) to Justice Weekend in January, from our Veteran’s Day Celebration to our Hollywood Central Sunday, the array of such events goes on and on! At First Presbyterian Church, we love to have a good time!

The events you’ll find here represent some of the biggest of these good times. So check them out! From the pomp and fun of Kirkin’ Sunday to the exuberance of the Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic, from the magical season of our Pumpkin Patch to the savory soups of Souper Bowl Sunday, it’s all part of the life that makes this church family the special community that it is!

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