About Us

The window pictured on this page, one of many that grace our main gathering place, says something significant about who we are. With our church’s landmark tower in the background, it shows our family of faith moving out into the world. At First Church, God has given us that clear vision, to reach out to our neighbors around us with Jesus’ love so that his love can bring transformation in the city of Hollywood and beyond.

Those things certainly happen on Sunday mornings at 10 AM and 11 AM as we gather for our two different worship experiences. But they happen in so many other places; at a preschool chapel during the week or a barbecue and beers event on the weekend. They happen with teams going to Haiti to care for orphans in our partnership with a local synagogue or with our work feeding the homeless at Broward Outreach. They happen at a women’s Bible study or with our active Scouting ministries. And the list could go on. In that work, we welcome everyone to join us – from those who are already following Jesus to those who are simply spiritually curious.

Wherever you come from, whatever your color or ethnicity, whether you live in a million dollar home or have no home at all, and no matter who you choose to love, at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, we believe everyone has a place in God’s family. We would love you to find a place here, too.

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